Coronado Heights - From the Store: 1/2 mile West to 13th Ave, 2 1/2 miles North to Winchester, and 1 West to 12th Ave. 

Day trips to Lindsborg with the family!

Coronado Heights - 

Everyone loves this place!  This highlight of Lindsorg has gorgeous views, walking trails, and a small "castle", which was a public works project in the 1930's.


Swenson Park - 

In the 400 block of North Main, you will find the best park around.  Your whole family will love it!  It's a great place to burn off energy.

The Old Mill Museum - 

Watch the beautiful Smoky Hill River from above and explore the mill grounds.  Buying a ticket gets you into the Museum buildings, including a real one-room school house.

Valkommen Trail - 

Take a walk or bike ride on what once was the Salina and Southwestern Railroad.  Now converted a paved trail, which runs through town.  Read the signs as you go to learn more of our historical sentiment.

Swede Skate Park - 

Bring your skateboard to Lindsborg.  While on the Valkommen Trail, you will find the skate park near Saline Street.

Other Things to do...

Enjoy shopping downtown Lindsborg, relaxing in cozy coffee and tea shops, and discovering wonderful restaurants.  Visit our swimming pool, find the Wild Dalas, or rent a quad cycle to ride around town.  There are too many adventures to list, so come discover them.

Places to Eat -

Swedish Crown - The half sandwich/half salad is perfect for me. The sandwich is a generous ham and cheese on Swedish rye.

Jalisco - Everything is delish so I just say "The special of the day, please" and get a pleasant surprise.

Farley's Bar & Grill- I love their locally-sourced burgers with homemade fries.

The Brickhouse Grill - Burgers, fries, and pizza.

China Restaurant- The buffet! It's small with all the right stuff.

Blacksmith Coffeeshop - Enjoy a nice cup of coffe, or have a chicken salad on greens.. 

White Peacock Tea and Coffee - Good drinks to cool you off or warm you up!

Courtyard Bakery - Sometimes I just have one of their many homemade cookies for lunch! It's an informal "serve yourself" café so you can enjoy all the treats with no pressure, and wander through the Courtyard Gallery too. 

Pizza Hut - Nice buffet and specials on pizza and chicken.

Subway - Great Sandwiches

Caseys - "Famous for Pizza"

Scott's Thriftway - Besides great Swedish selection of foods, they always have a nice salad bar.

Yesway - Pizza, Snacks

For More Information about Lindsborg happenings, and a Calendar of Events, visit: 

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